Elements of Programming

Alexander Stepanov and Paul McJones

Semigroup Press, June 2019; Addison-Wesley Professional, June 2009

Decomposing programs into a system of algorithmic components



After ten years in print, our publisher decided against further printings and has reverted the rights to us. We have published Elements of Programming in two forms: a free PDF and a no-markup paperback.


Edition ISBN Publisher Sources
Authors' 9780578222141 Semigroup Press (via Lulu.com) Amazon
First 9780321635372 Addison-Wesley Professional Out of print
eBook 9780321643896 informIT
eBook 9780321643926 Safari
eBook 9780132702416 Google Play
Japanese 9784501553708 東京電機大学出版局 (Tokyo Denki University Press) Amazon Japan
Japanese 9784864010085 ピアソン桐原 (Pearson Kirihara) Out of print
Russian 9785845917089 Диалектика-Вильямс (Williams Publishing) Via Williams
Chinese 9787115493514 人民邮电出版社 (Posts & Telecom Press) Amazon
Chinese 9787111367291 机械工业出版社 (China Machine Press) Out of print
(English) 9787111300274 机械工业出版社 (China Machine Press) Co-Pub reprint
Korean 9788945072184 Pearson Education Korea Kyobo Book Centre



Elements of Programming

Last modified 23 June 2022